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Make a regular donation

Regular donations can make a real difference by helping us reach and support more women affected by cervical cancer and raise awareness of how the disease can be prevented to ensure fewer women face a diagnosis.

If you would like to make a regular gift to Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust you can donate using our Direct Debit form or call us on 020 3096 8100.

How can your regular gift make a difference?

Every day 2 women die of cervical cancer. We want to see the day where cervical cancer is a disease of the past, with your support we can stop this disease taking our loved ones. 

Your regular gift to Jo’s allows us to plan ahead to continually be there for every woman who needs us, for as long as they need us. Thank you for your support and commitment, it really will make a difference.

  • £5 can fund the cost of someone to join the forum community, receiving essential support, sharing their experiences and asking questions in a safe and monitored environment  
  • £10 can fund the cost of an information pack to be printed, packed and posted allowing our information to be free and accessible to everyone. Helping to raise awareness and provide lifesaving information.
  • £16 can fund the cost of a call to our helpline, providing a lifeline to many and a chance to talk to a fully trained volunteer to receive accurate  information and much needed support.

How to upgrade your donation

Thank you so much for looking to upgrade your regular donation to Jo’s this is so truly appreciated. To upgrade or change the details of your gift please contact Nikita on [email protected]. If you have any questions you can also call the office on 020 3096 8100 and the team will happily help you.

Regular donations

"I'd like to thank Jo's for excellent advice and support - I've come a long way since my cancer treatment."
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Get involved

Walk, run, swim, cycle or face a new challenge to help us support more women affected by cervical cancer. 

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