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Donate shares

Donate your unwanted shares to ShareGift and you could help Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust benefit!

Sharegift LogoShareGift exists to provide a solution to the longstanding problem of unwanted small shareholdings. Even if you have only one or two shares ShareGift can help you dispose of them – and charitably.

Millions of pounds are tied up in wasted assets, which are of no value to their owners because they cost more to sell than they are worth. ShareGift aggregates and sells these parcels of donated shares, giving the proceeds to a wide range of UK charities.

ShareGift work with shareholders, companies, stockbrokers, solicitors, financial advisers and charities across the UK to solve the problem of worthless odd lots of shares, and to raise the profile of this unique way of charitable giving

ShareGift’s donations are made at their Trustees’ discretion and they do not accept applications for funding. However, when considering charities for future ShareGift donations, the Trustees do survey the charitable interests of their supporters – their share donors and other organisations who help them to create the pool of money that they give away. If you would like to donate your shares you could elect  Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust as your supported charity. 

To find out more go to ShareGift.

Date last updated: 
22 Mar 2013