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Trek Borneo

Trek Borneo offers participants a once in a life time experience to trek in remote areas of this paradise island, Borneo the third largest island in the world.

Participants on this event will experience a real sense of adventure as you have the opportunity to trek in the Bornean rain forest whilst you stay overnight in a typical forest camp which supports tourism related activities. You will also have the opportunity to summit Mount Kinabalu at sunrise, Malaysia’s highest peak at 4,095m. A free day at the end offers the opportunity to relax on the nearby Tar Islands where it is possible to swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters.

The highlight for most on this event will be the visit to the Orangutan sanctuary at Sepilok where you will have the opportunity to see the work to care for and rehabilitate young orangutans orphaned as a result of illegal logging and deforestation and those that have been illegally caught and kept as pets.

Once you are signed up, you'll be a part of Team Jo's and we'll be at hand to support you throughout, helping you to raise your sponsorship target. Read the full itinerary.

We work with Action for Charity and Dream Challenges, who organise a number of overseas and challenge events on behalf of Jo's. Action for Charity and Dream Challenges have raised millions for UK charities with exciting challenge events in the UK and around the world. 


The two ways to fund your challenge are:

1. Minimum sponsorship

Choose Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, register for the challenge and then fundraise £3,500. Providing you have raised the funds 10 weeks before then we will pay the tour costs on your behalf with the remaining money and any money you raise over your minimum sponsorship going directly to support the work of your charity.

2. Self funding with sponsorship

Pay the tour costs yourself, 10 weeks before the challenge and then fundraise as much as you can for Jo's.