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Fundraise using the internet

Decided to fundraise for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust?
Searching for ideas on how to get started? You can use JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving to create your own fundraising page!

The internet is one of the most effective ways of generating sponsorship. We've partnered with JustGiving.com and Virgin Money Giving, which means it is easy for you to set up your own internet-based sponsor form.

Start fundraising with JustGiving

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

You can personalise your form by adding your event, a photo and even a message to your sponsors. Once the form is active you can email it to your contacts – then friends on the other side of the world can sponsor you! It's quick and easy to donate, and the amounts given tend to be higher.

To set up your page all you have to do is go to JustGiving.com or Virgin Money Giving. You'll need to create an account which uses your email address and a password which you choose.

Here our top tips on getting the most out of your online fundraising page:

  • Personalise your page by adding photos. Your friends and family need to know why you're fundraising and why they should sponsor you!
  • Don't forget to add a message for your potential sponsors on the page and draft a thank you message. This is automatically sent to your sponsors.
  • Send updates to your sponsors, friends, relatives and colleagues on how you are doing - both in terms of fundraising and training for the event. It's nice for those who have already supported you, and acts as a gentle nudge for those who haven't yet gotten around to donating!
  • Adapt your personal (or work) email signature and add a line at the bottom telling people about the event you're doing, including the address of your page.
  • Ask to be put onto your company website, either its public website or private company intranet. If they produce a newsletter, you could ask to be included in this, too.
  • As with more traditional forms of fundraising, please encourage your supporters to tick the Gift Aid fields - the Inland Revenue will give Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, 25p for every £1 donated.

Just to let you know...
Both JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving have been designed by experts in the field, and are fully compliant with all data protection requirements.

Supporters will not be bombarded with unsolicited emails.

Date last updated: 
31 Jul 2013