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Moscow to St Petersburg

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Russia on this phenomenal cycle from the metropolis of Moscow to the canals and palaces of St Petersburg

Kicking off with an eye-opening tour of Moscow’s famous sites, including the spectacular St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, you’ll mount your bikes and cycle from one iconic city to another.

The idyllic route treats you to surprisingly tranquil roads with few cars but several historic sites to explore. Pedalling on smooth roads through the quaint Russian countryside, you’ll ride through lush fields and forests, alongside the longest river in Europe and by the banks of the beautiful Lake Ilmen.

The adventure will take you into small rural towns off the tourist track, giving you the chance to visit local monasteries and explore the serene balneological spa in Staraya Russa.

These insights into the local culture will be twinned with glimpses into the past, visiting the ancient battle monuments and the museum of the famous Alexander Pushkin, aka the inventor of Russian literature.

You’ll also have the awesome opportunity to explore Russia’s oldest and most influential capital, Veliky Novgorod, aka. Novgorod the Great. Pulling up here after a stunning day's cycle, you’ll take in its magnificent medieval architecture and stay the night opposite the Kremlin!

All this will lead up to a fantastic celebration in Petersburg, followed by a day to explore its enthralling maze of canals and historical centre, named a World Heritage Site.

Worried about fundraising?

Don't be, cycle Moscow to St Petersburg  is an open challenge – this means you have the option to self fund your participation and there is no minimum fundraising requirement.

You are, of course, more than welcome to commit to a minimum sponsorship target instead and fundraise a minimum amount of £3,550 for Jo’s.