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Trek Mongolia

Trek through a paradise of alpine scenery, from wild-flower meadows to mountain foothills to towering valleys and fast-flowing rivers.

This awesome adventure lets you escape to the enthralling natural landscape of the Terelj National Park, as you trek through a paradise of alpine scenery it gives you chances to take in this top hiking spot from every angle and even kayak the beautiful River Tuul!

Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for over two-hundred species of birds, including falcons, kestrels and even vultures!

By night, you’ll camp in idyllic spots, far from everyday life and looking out for shooting stars in a sky void of light pollution.

From here, the challenge just gets better, as you immerse yourselves entirely in the nomadic lifestyle and stay with a local family in the National Park.

You’ll taste traditional Mongolian food, enjoy a fabulous cultural show and even try your hand at archery, before spending the night in a cosy ger.

Ending with a climb up the iconic Chinggis Khan statue, you’ll look out over the land you’ve hiked through and enjoy a free day exploring the sprawling city of Ulaanbaatar.

Worried about fundraising? 

Don't be...trek Mongolia is an Open Challenge – this means you have the option to self fund your participation and there is no minimum fundraising requirement.

You are, of course, more than welcome to commit to a minimum sponsorship target instead and fundraise a minimum amount of £3,900 for Jo’s.