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#IGiveMy is a really simple way you can support our work. We're asking you to make a simple swap that can make a big difference!

Getting a cancer diagnosis is always difficult, but coronavirus means it is even harder. The support and information we provide is needed now more than ever at this difficult time. We need your help to ensure we can be there for everyone who needs us, both now and in the future.

Get involved

Is there something you’re currently saving the cost of? Maybe your commute, your daily coffee, a round of drinks on a Friday or a month's gym membership?

Whether it's £3 or £100, if you feel able to donate the cost of something you aren’t spending, check out the difference you could make: 

  • £5 (a day's commute) - means another woman can join our Forum 
  • £10 (two cinema tickets) - funds a response through our Ask the Expert service
  • £16 (a coffee each day for a week) - means we can answer a call on our Helpline
  • £50 (a haircut) - fund our Ask the Expert service for a whole day
  • £130 (two theatre tickets) - can fund a shift for a Helpline volunteer

Join the campaign on JustGiving. You can donate, see what others have chosen to give and see how much we’ve raised so far! We’ll also post updates about what your support is helping us to do.

In this video Tom and Ali, two of the children of Jo Maxwell - our namesake- and some of our supporters share their reasons for donating.

Share your #IGiveMy

It doesn’t stop there! Once you’ve donated, help inspire other people to join. Share a post on your social media to tell your friends and family what you’re donating and why.

Use our graphic below or snap your own picture and share your  #IGiveMy - don't forget to tag us too! 

Can’t donate right now? Don’t worry! You can still help by encouraging others to take part or if you’re one of our fantastic volunteers, you could use #IGiveMy to share the time or expertise you give us!

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Whatever you are able to give will make a difference. Find out why your support is so important at the moment in our Emergency Appeal >


We need your support

We want to make cervical cancer a disease of the past and don't want coronavirus to stop us doing that.


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