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Glastonbury to Stonehenge

Tune into your spiritual side on this enlightening weekend pilgrimage from the Pagan town of Glastonbury to the sun-loving Stonehenge.

You’ll wind along part of the ancient Celtic Way, which dates back thousands of years and reflects the routes of the Neolithic peoples as they carried sacred blue stones from the Preseli Mountains in Wales to the Salisbury Plains.

Following a trail so old it is no longer marked by a path, you’ll encounter Christian, Pagan and pre-historic sites, all swimming in myths and mystery. You’ll trek on footpaths, tracks and some quiet country roads, over a mix of fantastic terrains that give the best of the southern countryside.

Starting in Glastonbury Town Centre, you'll discover the Chalice Well, said to be the home of the Holy Grail, before climbing the iconic Glastonbury Tor. Watch your feet here, as the hill apparently hides a cave to the Celtic fairy kingdom of Annwyn, home to the lord of the underworld!

We become ever more enlightened, as we hike through the thriving Roman town of Shepton Mallet, home to Brothers’ Ciders and Mulberry and on to the narrow, medieval streets of Bruton.

You’ll get a fantastic opportunity to follow the Celtic path through the famous Longleat Forest and much more of the ancient Salisbury Plains, before visiting one of its very best-preserved Roman villages, Knook Castle.

The greatly acclaimed archaeologist and broadcaster, Mark Corney, who has contributed several times to the Channel 4 series “Time Team”, will meet you at two key points along the way. Having worked with the Royal Commission for Historic Monuments of England as the former Senior Landscape Investigator, he knows his stuff. He’ll reveal the secrets of the ancient Knook Castle hill-fort and the World Heritage Site, Stonehenge.

You end your eye-opening challenge with a tour of Stonehenge, followed by a delicious celebration dinner in Amesbury. From here, your coach will take you back to Glastonbury.