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Charitable trusts and philanthropy

Our vision is to make cervical cancer a disease of the past and through our research we know that day will come. We are lucky to have fantastic cervical screening and vaccination programmes in the UK which can prevent cervical cancer from ever happening and by our research has shown that this is possible if uptake improves.  

It’s rare to find an opportunity to help eliminate one of the most common cancers in women under the age of 35. Together we can significantly reduce the number of women losing their lives to the disease or living beyond diagnosis and treatment, often with life-changing consequences.

Find out how you can work with us to get us closer to making cervical cancer a disease of the past while making a difference to the lives of people affected by the disease.


Charity workAs the only UK charity to focus solely on cervical cancer your support will make a real and tangible difference. We are always keen to involve philanthropists with an interest in women’s health and cervical cancer prevention in our work. Whether you are interested in our long term vision and prevention efforts, or our vital mission to support women going through a diagnosis and treatment now, we will ensure you have a meaningful relationship with us.

Please get in touch with us on 020 3832 8000 or email [email protected] if you would like to find out more.

Charitable trusts and foundations

At Jo’s we work closely with charitable trusts and foundations to form funding partnerships to support a range of projects. Our projects make a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of women and girls, ranging from developing our essential support services, to reaching marginalised groups, to providing training and resources for health care professionals in order to improve their knowledge of patient experience.

Your support through a trust or foundation can enable us to:

  • Promote the prevention of cervical cancer by raising awareness of the benefits of the HPV vaccine and attending cervical screening.
  • Undertake further research to fill knowledge gaps on issues including the barriers to screening attendance among different groups or women and to better understand the needs of women living with and beyond cancer. A recent piece of work was the most comprehensive study to date on the long term consequences cervical cancer treatment, many of which are life changing.
  • Grow our core support services, including our free helpline, Ask the Expert service and supportive information days for women living with and beyond cancer. This allows us to meet the increasing demand for our vital support.

To find out more about how we can work together, contact us on 020 3832 8000 or email Eleanor Catherine, Trusts and Statutory Manager at [email protected].

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Corporate partnerships

Discover how your organisation can support our work.

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