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Clinical trials

  • Are you aged between 25 and 55 years old? Do you have HPV infection and low-grade lesions on the cervix (abnormal smear test)? Oxford University Hospital are currently seeking participants to test an experimental vaccine to treat High Risk HPV infection that has not gone away on its own. If you are interested, please contact Dr Karin Hellner at [email protected]

Research studies

  • Are you a cervical screening sample taker? A research group at the University of the West of England are running a survey about cervical screening sample taking, in order to understand current practices and preferences. Take the survey >
  • Do you want to help develop a draft intervention (‘Vicky’) to help people overcome their barriers to cervical cancer screening (CCS)? Researchers at the University of Manchester are looking for people of cervical screening age to take part in a remote-based ‘think aloud’ study. The aim of the research is to assess the acceptability of a draft online tool called ‘Vicky’ being developed to help people overcome their barriers to attending cervical cancer screening. If you have a cervix and are aged 25 to 64, find out more >
  • Macmillan Cancer Support want to hear from patients attending hospitals and in contact with cancer teams in the Somerset, Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucestershire areas, to help understand how confident you feel in using digital technology. You can take the survey online, request a paper copy by emailing [email protected] or ringing/texting 07834 192203, or answer via phone by booking an appointment using the previous email and telephone details.
  • The Gynae Cancer Narratives Project research team at Lancaster University are looking to better understand how radiotherapy affects social, sexual and personal lives. If you have ever received radiotherapy for gynaecological cancer/supported someone who has received radiotherapy of gynae cancer, and would be interested in sharing your experience, please contact Dr Hilary Stewart on [email protected]. Find out more information here
  • Queen's University Belfast and the University of Aberdeen are investigating the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on cancer patients, patients with pre-cancerous conditions and caregivers: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/IMPACCTsurvey
  • Researchers at Loughborough University want to learn more about the of women who have been treated for cervical cancer. They are interested in identifying how factors such as physical activity may contribute to an enhanced recovery. For more information, contact Ms. Nessa Millet at [email protected] or 07551460347.
  • Are you 60-70 years old and have had an abnormal screening result in the last few years? Researchers at University College London want to explore attitudes to extending cervical screening post-64 years and are looking for help designing their research. If you are interested, contact Dr Laura Marlow at [email protected] or 020 7679 1798. 
  • Are you 18-64 years old and have had bleeding after sex or between periods in the past 2 years? Help design a study to improve healthcare for women with gynaecological symptoms. To find out more, contact Alex Castanon at [email protected].
  • Share your experience of the NHS cervical screening programmeUniversity College London are collecting your experiences to find out how the programme can offer more support.


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30 Jun 2021