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Spiritual support

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If you have spiritual beliefs you might find that the spiritual side of your life and living becomes more important to you. You may be thinking about what happens to you after you die. At this time, many people find the support of their religious community comforting. You can contact a local minister or religious leader for spiritual support. It does not matter if you have not previously had any involvement with your local place of worship, members of the religious community will want to help and can provide spiritual guidance and support. Hospital chaplains are also a great resource if you are an inpatient.

Some women who face an incurable diagnosis may experience a loss of faith, if you are experiencing this do seek some support to discuss these feelings.

Spiritual beliefs do not have to be connected to religion, if this is your situation you may find talking to friends or family who share your belief system a useful source of support. Your health care team will also be able to help signpost you to the relevant person to suit your preferences and wishes.

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20 Jul 2016
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20 Jul 2019
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