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Physical support

You may have some physical symptoms that are caused by your cancer. These can usually be managed with the help of your health care team. It is difficult to give you a full list of symptoms that you may experience because everyone is individual and the symptoms that one person reports may be different for someone else. Generally an increase in your pain, fatigue, a loss of appetite or sickness should be monitored.

Listen to your body and contact your health care team if your condition changes or you are worried.

Your health care team will want to know how the symptoms you’re experiencing affect your life and if anything makes them better or worse. There are options to help you have the best quality of life possible. The important thing is to report any symptoms that are causing you discomfort or preventing you from doing things. Your team can often work with you to minimise your symptoms, to ensure that you remain as independent as possible and that your quality of life is the best that it can be.

Date last updated: 
20 Jul 2016
Date due for review: 
20 Jul 2019

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