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You and your partner

Women with male partner

Intimacy with a partner may be a very important thing for you right now. It’s just as natural now as it's always been to have these feelings. The chemicals your body releases when you are intimate or receive affection from another person make you feel good and also close to your partner. Some of the treatment you have had and your symptoms may make this challenging. Please talk to your Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) if you need support or advice with this or visit our information pages.

Those facing incurable cancer and their loved ones may feel isolated, which can lead to feeling distanced from friends, family and colleagues. It is normal to find it more difficult to tell your family how you feel, your thoughts, fears and feelings, in order to try and protect them at this difficult time. So it is important to get the support that you need from people you feel more comfortable talking to, or from your health care team. Take time out to care for yourself and ask for help when you need it.

If you want to talk to other women in a similar situation as you, you can find support on our website and find links to other organisations. We also have an online Forum section specifically for those who are living with or beyond advanced cervical cancer only (stage 4), which is private and requires separate registration in order to access it.

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