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Laterally extended endopelvic resection (LEER)

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Laterally extended endopelvic resection (LEER) is a new cervical cancer surgery that is similar to pelvic exenteration but also includes the removal of the pelvic side walls. This means that if the position or size of your cancer means you are not eligible for treatment with pelvic exenteration, a LEER may be a possible alternative.

This surgery follows the same procedure as pelvic exenteration, involving the removal of all of the structures in the pelvic area, which can include the cervix, uterus (womb), vagina, ovaries, bladder and the lower end of the large bowel. But unlike pelvic exenteration, it also includes the removal of the pelvic side wall structures.

LEER is a very new procedure that is only available at a few specialist centres and it is regarded by many medical experts as an experimental procedure. It is an extensive surgery and is only suitable for a small number of women, usually women who have had a recurrence.

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11 Jul 2016
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11 Jul 2019
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