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Colposcopy is an examination to take a closer look at your cervix. It is usually done if cervical screening (a smear test) finds cell changes (abnormal cells). You usually have colposcopy at a hospital.

It is common to feel anxious or worried about being invited for a colposcopy, but the most important thing to remember is that it does not mean you have cervical cancer. In fact, most people who go for colposcopy do not have cervical cancer.

In this section, we hope to give you all the information you need about colposcopy, so you feel prepared for your appointment and what may happen after.

Before colposcopy > 

Learn why you may have been invited to colposcopy, how to prepare for your appointment, and who you might meet. 

What happens at colposcopy? > 

Read about what happens at the colposcopy appointment, including different tests you may have. 

After colposcopy > 

Find out what your colposcopist may recommend you should or shouldn’t do after colposcopy, as well as learning more about possible side effects.

Getting your colposcopy results > 

Learn about the different results you can get after a colposcopy and what the next steps are.

FAQs about colposcopy >

Questions about colposcopy? We have the answers. 

Are you looking for information about treatment for cell changes? > 



Date last updated: 
24 May 2019
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23 May 2022