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COSRT offers reliable and accurate information about sex and relationship issues, including practical advice and tips. It has a directory of professional therapists in your local area and information on what to expect from therapy.


Get Self Help

Get Self Help is a website that has lots of self-help information and work sheets using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques. It offers CBT self-help information on, for example, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression, and exercises for mindfulness.



Macmillan has a wide range of resources and information relating to cancer, including relationships, communication and sexuality.


Pink Therapy

Pink Therapy is an independent organisation that works with gender and sexual diversity clients; it has information and links to other resources.


Porterbrook Clinic

Porterbrook clinic has several sexual and relationship support and advice leaflets. The site warns “the leaflets on this page contain open and honest information of a sexual nature. There are also photographic depictions of adults engaged in sexual activity. Please do not download if you think you may be offended”.



Relate offers counselling, support and information for all relationships and sexual problems.


The Sexual Advice Association

The Sexual Advice Association is a charity organisation offering information leaflets on sexual difficulties; it also has a telephone helpline. One of the information booklets is specifically written for people who have had cancer – Intimacy and Sexuality For Cancer Patients and their Partners: A Booklet of Tips and Ideas for your Journey of Recovery.


Vulval Pain Society

A UK charity that aims to promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of vulval pain through the provision of support, education and practical advice and advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to vulval pain.


My Body Back Project

My Body Back Project works with women who have experienced sexual violence, rape or sexual assault and supports them to love and care for their bodies again. They run specialist cervical screening clinics and maternity services, and events that provide safe spaces for women to talk about enjoying sex again called Café V. They also create a ‘Clit List’ with information on sexual aids and toys, tutorials and erotic media for people who would like to explore their sexuality using feminist, non-misogynistic and empowering content, curated with women who have experienced sexual violence in mind.


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