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Katie's legacy

Katie sadly passed away in the summer of 2023. Her father, Peter, shares her story and how he is honouring her memory.

"Katie was the youngest of seven children who all grew up on a farm, and they were with ponies from day one into her late teens. She decided she wanted to go into the nursing profession. Then she found the man she wanted to marry and they went on to have two children, Percy is the oldest and Cass is two. Then her illness came on very suddenly and was a great shock to the family. Original prognosis was that she could be cured. Unfortunately, after a certain amount of time, they realised that the chemotherapy wasn't working. She was given a terminal diagnosis, which was a massive shock to the family. 

We wanted to enjoy the time we had left with her, but it felt like there was a deadline. We tried to do everything she wanted to do including having a wedding and we had a great wedding which she was really happy about that. Then she passed away very quickly, but she had a positive attitude to the end. 

I want to be positive now and do something that would help others going through a similar situation as Katie and our family experienced. I was lucky that I knew Ed and through our shared passion of horses and racing, we decided to use our four-year-old filly (young female horse) to raise money and awareness in Katie’s memory. In her honour we named the horse ‘Katie Sunny Dancer’ and I’m confident she is the ideal horse to put forward, to syndicate, to raise money for cervical cancer. You've got a decision whether you go to small trainers or big trainers. I think Alex is ideal. He's got 35 - 40 horses, he’s a very serious trainer. He's on our side. He'll be working hard for the Syndicate to get results. 

Katie would be absolutely thrilled that we might be able to do some good for a one single person's life saved. It would be phenomenal for her to think that."

We want to say thank you to Peter for sharing Katie's story and using Katie’s memory to help those affected by cervical cancer. With our partners at Old Gold Racing, the Katie’s Legacy Syndicate is raising money for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and the Lady Garden Foundation and helping raise awareness of cervical cancer.

Want to find out more about the Syndicate? Head to Old Gold Racing's site here >

If you would like to donate in Katie's memory, you can on Katie's Give As You Live page > 

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08 Dec 2023