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Jo on fundraising in memory of her friend Kirsten

Jo's storyI will never forget the day my friend Kirsten told us all she had cancer. We had met at antenatal classes and our children were still very young. She underwent treatment and she received the all clear.

"It made me determined to carry on her legacy"

Then the cancer returned and eventually she was told there was no more that the doctors could do for her. But she continued fundraising and trying to raise awareness to the last, she even held an event at her house just two weeks before she passed away. It made me determined to carry on her legacy.

In the space of six months I did three big events including the London 10k and the Royal Parks Half Marathon, raising over £1000. But I learnt from Kirsten that it's not about one offs. It's about constant promotion – of the charity, its services and ways to prevent cervical cancer. Next year I plan do another three events, this time focusing on awareness and bringing people together.

Kirsten's passion and determination has pushed me on and I hope that I can help continue what she started. 

"It's with that in mind that we keep going, and to keep her memory alive in some way"
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04 Jun 2014