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Joining our private forum categories

What is this private forum category for?

We have set up the ‘Living with advanced cervical cancer’ category so increased support can be offered specifically to those who are living with or beyond an advanced stage cervical cancer only (e.g. stage 4) and who are seeking friendship and support from others in a similar situation. If you've been affected by pelvic exenteration/pelvic clearance surgery, ongoing chemotherapy/trial drugs or an incurable diagnosis, this category provides a safe and supportive space where you can discuss your experiences openly.

This category is very similar to the other categories on our main public forum, however it has additional privacy settings so that only those who have registered and been given access can see what is posted or add their own messages. Therefore, their content is not able to be viewed by the wider public.

Why is this forum category private?

From talking to different groups of people with different needs throughout our work, we recognise that there are times where posting messages on a public forum can be very difficult. Certain groups frequently worry that they may cause unnecessary worry or upset in others who are not facing a similar situation and sadly, those groups can end up not accessing the support they need because of this. By creating this private forum category we hope to provide a safe place for people to find increased support.

How to register for the private forum category

If you feel you are eligible to register for the private ‘Living with advanced cervical cancer’ category, please complete the registration form below. As this category is for a specific group of people, we need a little more information from you to ensure that we keep the category a safe and supportive environment.

registration form

Date last updated: 
15 Mar 2018