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Website linking policy

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (JCCT) is an organisation dedicated to providing the best information and support to women and their families affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities. The medical information we offer in our publications and online pages is based on scientific evidence, and is written and/or reviewed regularly by a panel of independent medical experts. We are a certified member of The Information Standard and, as such, are a recognised producer of reliable health care information.

In order to ensure that any organisations we link to are providers of reliable, unbiased and up to date information and support, we have developed the following website linking policy.

If your organisation does not meet the following requirements we will, unfortunately, be unable to signpost to you on our website.

To be listed in our useful links an organisation must:

  • Offer information/services/support that are free to access
  • Be specifically relevant to women or their loved ones affected by cervical cancer, cervical abnormalities, cervical screening or HPV 
  • Be specific to a UK audience (with the exception of any international organisations dedicated to cervical cancer, cervical abnormalities, cervical screening or HPV)
  • Be regularly reviewed and kept up to date 
  • Provide unbiased opinions not based on their sources of funding
  • Make a clear distinction between normal editorial content and any advertising they may carry
  • Not be a purely service-selling site.

If you have any questions related to the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust website linking policy please contact [email protected]

Date last updated: 
10 Nov 2015
Date due for review: 
10 Nov 2017