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Charity issues warning ahead of Jade Goody documentary

Wed, 21/08/2019 - 00:00

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust asks viewers to be sensitive ahead of emotional documentary

The final episode in the three part documentary into the life of Jade Goody airs on Wednesday 21 August and will focus on Jade’s life after her cervical cancer diagnosis. 

Kate Sanger, Head of Communications at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust said:

“Jade Goody’s very public diagnosis and tragic death from cervical cancer resonated with thousands of people. She undoubtedly saved lives by raising awareness of the disease and when she sadly passed away at the age of just 27, 400,000 more women booked cervical screening appointments. However, the ‘Jade Goody effect’ was short-lived and cervical screening attendance is now lower than ever.

The episode this Wednesday will be a new story for a younger generation and for others it will be a reminder about the impact cervical cancer can have. We must remember that for some people it will be upsetting – especially those who have lost loved ones to cervical cancer and for those living with or beyond diagnosis.

It has been fantastic to see that the documentary is generating conversations about cervical screening, especially on social media. Cervical screening saves lives and at a time when attendance is falling it is great to see people sharing support, tips and talking about the importance of the test. However, we are asking those watching the programme to be sensitive to the fact that while for many it is a straightforward test, for others cervical screening can be difficult. This can include survivors of sexual violence, women with conditions such as vaginismus and those who are affected by anxiety or PTSD.

No one is silly or stupid for having questions, concerns or fears about cervical screening. There shouldn’t be any blaming or shaming involved. So let’s be kind and mindful with our words and create a space online where people can do that. 

At Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust we’re here for everyone who is nervous, making up their mind or has queries about screening. We want to see conversations which support, rather than alienate, so that everyone feels able to make a decision which is right for them.”

If you want more information about any aspect of cervical cancer and prevention, then visit our website at www.jostrust.org.uk or call our free Helpline on 0808 802 8000

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