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Our response to the HPV vaccine study published in the Lancet

Thu, 04/11/2021 - 14:58

The first study in the world showing evidence that the HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer was published today in the Lancet journal. Our response to this wonderful news is as follows:

Samantha Dixon, Chief Executive, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust: “At a time of when the topic of vaccination is in the public eye, it is incredibly positive to see solid evidence of the success of the HPV vaccine in reducing cervical cancer diagnoses. Even more encouraging, during 2021-22, the school programme will start using Gardasil 9 which provides an even higher level of protection. We are truly on the path to making cervical cancer a thing of the past. We must not get complacent however and must work to ensure every child has the opportunity to access their vaccination, especially as COVID continues to affect programme delivery. No vaccine is 100% effective and cervical screening remains an important test.”

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