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Information for professionals: Cervical screening

August 2023 - Please be aware that this information for health professionals is currently undergoing regular review in line with our editorial policy. However the information remains valid.

The information in this section is aimed at primary care professionals, including sample takers and reception staff. It may also be useful for other healthcare professionals. 

Cervical screening is offered via the national Cervical Screening Programme to check the cervix for high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) or cervical cell changes (abnormal cells). Sample takers and non-clinical primary care staff play an important role in ensuring eligible women and people with a cervix can make an informed decision about whether to attend cervical screening. 

Cervical screening may be straight forward, but it can present multiple, complex issues for some patients. Everyone has different needs and practice can be adjusted to properly support those needs.

Supporting specific experiences and communities

Read our bespoke guidance for how to support patients with different experiences before, during and after cervical screening.


Read blogs from fellow sample takers and primary care staff, as well as the Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust team.

Bridgette, a practice nurse, explains why her patients prefer the left lateral position.

"I had my eyes opened to the vast amount of other barriers that existed."

Our Public Health Engagement Coordinator shares her tips.


We have videos to support you and your patients.

Date last updated: 
13 Nov 2020
Date due for review: 
01 Nov 2023