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Useful information for colposcopists


There are several great resources out there to offer guidance and support to you as a colposcopist.

The British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (BSCCP) is an organisation that was specifically founded to support those people working in all fields connected to colposcopy, cervical pathology and the prevention of cancer of the cervix. They provide a number of useful services to their members, such as:

Please visit these pages to find out more on how to become a member of the BSCCP.
The NHS Cervical Screening Programme offers the following guidelines for colposcopists:

What happens to women after their visit to colposcopy?

As you know approximately 40% of women will have a normal result at colposcopy and will be returned into back into the regular screening programme without any further intervention [1]. The other 60% of women will be diagnosed with some grade of CIN/CGIN and will either be monitored or treated depending on the severity.

In rare cases, the results of a woman’s biopsy will diagnose her with cervical cancer. Her consultant will then order a variety of tests to determine the type of cervical cancer and the extent of the disease. She will then move into the care of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who will work with her to find the best treatment pathway for her.

Find out more information on the types and stages of cervical cancer, as well as the possible surgical, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other drug treatment options on our information pages.



  1. NHS Choices, 2014. Results of a colposcopy. www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Colposcopy/Pages/Results.aspx. Accessed: 02.06.2016.

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Date last updated: 
03 Jun 2016