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Read our report on survivors' experience of cervical screening

We created this information in partnership with Rape Crisis.

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Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and Rape Crisis England and Wales wanted to find out how they could better support survivors of sexual violence, due to the devastating number of cases across the UK every year.

Our report aims to better understand the needs of survivors, as well as finding out where support is lacking or non-existent, so we can look at practical ways to start bridging that gap.

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"The issue is not always with the unknown of the procedure – that can be explained. But how do people get support during or after the smear?"

-           A survivor

New information for you 

Over 90% of our survey respondents said that information for healthcare professionals on supporting survivors of sexual violence was essential. With this in mind, we have created comprehensive information to enable your learning and help you better support those who need it, including:

New information for your patients

Over 60% of our survey respondents said there is currently no support to help them prepare for cervical screening. Taking many survivors' feelings around fear of disclosure into consideration, we created online information that can be accessed anonymously and when needed:

As well as signposting any survivors to other expert organsations, you can also let them know this specialist information is available.

All this information was created in partnership with Rape Crisis England and Wales, and with the support of My Body Back. If you would like to know more or have any feedback, email [email protected]

Date last updated: 
17 Aug 2018
Date due for review: 
17 Aug 2021
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