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Take part in new research

Opportunities to work with other organisations and researchers:

  • Are you 63-66 years old? Was your last screening result HPV positive? Researchers at UCL want to explore attitudes and preferences for treatment and management of women who are HPV positive/cytology normal at their last screening test (around 64 years old). They are looking for women who have experience of this and are interested in helping to design their research. If you are interested please contact Dr Laura Marlow by email: [email protected] or telephone 020 7679 1798


  • Clatterbridge Cancer Centre with the University of Liverpool are conducting a trial called COMICE looking at whether olaparib and cediranib can improve treatment for cancer of the cervix that has spread or come back. The trial will take place in participating hospitals around the UK and are planning to recruit eligible patients until November 2019. In this trial, some people have cediranib and olaparib and some have dummy drugs (placebo). Please click here for more information or email COMICE Trial Coordinator Karen Scott [email protected].

  • Using self-sampling kits to increase early detection of cervical cancer: UCLH are setting up a steering group to oversee all aspects of a new project involving introducing the use of self-sampling HPV kits in GP Practices across North East London. They are looking for patient/carer representatives to take part. Find out more about role responsibilities and eligibility here. If you would like to express your interest you can do so by completing this expression of interest form. If you have any queries contact the team on 07950 960168 or 020 3447 2779 or email [email protected].
  • The University of Huddersfield is conducting research on women’s knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and cervical screening (smear tests). The survey is open to women aged 18-45 years living in the UK. Take part in the survey by clicking on this link. The survey takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Contact Dr Susanna Kola-Palmer ([email protected]) or Dr Melanie Rogers ([email protected]) for more information.

  • Help design a study to improve healthcare for women with gynaecological symptoms. This is a study for women aged 18 to 64 who have had any bleeding between periods or after sex in the past 2 years. Contact Alex Castanon on [email protected] to find out more.

Date last updated: 
18 Oct 2018

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