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Cervical polyps: What are they and what do they mean?

Posted on: Tuesday, 9th August 2022 by

In this guest blog, Dr Aziza Sesay talks us through cervical polyps, from diagnosis to treatment.

What are cervical polyps?

If you’ve just been informed that you have cervical polyps, you’re probably thinking, what are cervical polyps and how did they get to my cervix? 

Don’t panic! 

"I felt honored to be part of such a positive event"

Posted on: Wednesday, 24th May 2017 by

In the summer of 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer. I had always been vigilant about having cervical smear tests and STI screening. As a nurse working in the community I had also been part of a team delivering the HPV vaccination. On some level, it was a relief to finally know what had been causing the symptoms that I had been experiencing for several months. I’d been seen by the GP and at A&E numerous times. I had begun to think that I was overreacting to the pain and bleeding I’d been suffering with.

Menopause - what does it mean?

Posted on: Wednesday, 7th September 2016 by

Let's Meet - "It's hard to pinpoint just what makes this event so fabulous"

Posted on: Monday, 22nd August 2016 by

Julia Tugwell explains in her guest blog why she attended her first Let's Meet shortly after finishing treatment for cervical cancer. 

It's a  couple of weeks until I attend my third Jo's Let's Meet event. I'm beginning to get excited now!

We know it's effective. So why is there opposition to the HPV vaccine?

Posted on: Thursday, 11th August 2016 by

In our new guest blog David Robert Grimes, physicist and cancer researcher at Oxford University, gives his opinion on the HPV vaccine, the debate surrounding it and its role in protecting against cervical cancer.

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"Since battling cervical cancer I have definitely had a new outlook on life"

Posted on: Thursday, 14th July 2016 by

I volunteer my time to Jo’s whenever I possibly can to prevent other women from going through what I have and to ensure that anyone who does has access to the best information, support and care.

"It’s amazing how many people call the Helpline and apologise for wasting my time”

Posted on: Tuesday, 31st May 2016 by

Frankie Appleyard, Helpline VolunteerFrom the 1-12 June it's Volunteers' Week and to celebrate the incredible work our volunteers do we asked one of them to tell us a bit more about her experience.

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