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Dating and HPV

Posted on: Thursday, 22nd February 2024 by

“In 2015 I went for my first cervical screening. It was a bit uncomfortable, but the result showed everything to be clear. Things changed when I went for my second in 2018. My results letter said HPV positive with moderate cell changes. 

Behind the Headlines - HPV primary screening in Northern Ireland

Posted on: Tuesday, 12th December 2023 by

NHS England pledge to end cervical cancer by 2040

Posted on: Wednesday, 15th November 2023 by

This week, NHS England has pledged to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040. We are really excited about the news as the pledge includes plans to improve access to online booking for vaccination appointments nationally and support for healthcare professionals to reach those most at risk.

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HPV and men's health

Posted on: Thursday, 16th March 2023 by

Our support services at Jo’s mainly hear from women. But sometimes we also hear from men and partners of women. Sometimes they are asking about their wife or partner’s health, and at others, it’s about their own. This blog covers the most common questions that we are asked and sources of further information.

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Training, community and engagement: how the Tampon Tax Fund helped us to improve access to cervical screening

Posted on: Monday, 21st February 2022 by

Cervical screening can help prevent cervical cancer. Yet across the UK, on average, one in four women and people with a cervix do not attend their screening appointments. Among ethnic minority communities, this is even lower. 

The Tampon Tax Fund has awarded £79m to organisations over the last six years. In 2021, the fund was wound down, so we wanted to take a look back on what we did with the money we received from it. 

Behind the headlines: cervical screening intervals changing to 5 years

Posted on: Thursday, 6th January 2022 by

The Cervical Screening Programme in Wales recently announced that it is changing. As of the 1st of January the routine screening interval for women and other people with a cervix in Wales aged 25 - 49 has moved from three to five years. We’re taking you behind the headlines to help you understand what the announcement means for you.

Behind the headlines: HPV self-sampling

Posted on: Wednesday, 24th February 2021 by

The emotional impact of HPV

Posted on: Friday, 12th February 2021 by

Coping with anxiety

Posted on: Monday, 20th April 2020 by

Diane is a therapist and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. In this blog, she explains what anxiety is and how you can manage it, as well as demonstrating some grounding techniques. 


What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling we have when we are worried or afriad, often about things that could happen in the future. It is a natural human response and most of us will feel anxious at some point in our lives.

Why we need to ditch the STI label around HPV

Posted on: Thursday, 23rd January 2020 by

How would you react if you were told you had HPV? Would you be afraid? Upset? Or simply a bit unsure of what it meant? 

Whatever your reaction, you are far from alone. Worried, upset, scared and embarrassed are just some of the words which high numbers of women used to describe HPV in new research by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.