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Are you Cervix Savvy?

Posted on: Monday, 13th March 2017 by Claire Cohen, Head of Information and Engagement

This is the question that we are setting out to ask women across the UK. From next Monday you might be lucky enough to see the first ever Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Roadshow for yourself! We are really excited to be visiting 11 cities across the UK over 14 weeks with our big, pink, shiny new Roadshow unit (did I say it is the FIRST TIME Jo’s have ever done this?!)

The Roadshow is the next step in our Eradicate Cervical Cancer Campaign and we are hoping to engage with over 4,000 people throughout the course of the Roadshow talking about all things “cervix”.

So what does being cervix savvy mean?

Cervical cancer is a largely preventable disease and we want every woman to fully understand the steps they can take to protect themselves from the disease. This includes knowing the symptoms to look out for, understanding the role of the HPV vaccine in preventing the disease and fully understanding what cervical screening, what to expect at the test and how it reduces the risk of the disease.

The 11 cities have been chosen as areas where uptake of cervical screening is especially low, you can see the full route here. The additional 5 cities will be revealed soon. 

We would love to visit every town and city across the UK with our messages about cervical cancer prevention, and one day hope that we will be able to do so, however for now we hope that we are able to have a positive impact on the health of women living in those areas by increase awareness of cervical cancer prevention.

Our amazing Roadshow team will be ready and waiting to talk to visitors about anything and everything to do with cervical cancer. The Roadshow unit will be filled to the brim with health information leaflets, information about local health services, educational films, access to our website and a private booth for anyone wanting to access our Helpline.

As well as providing vital information about prevention, we also want anyone with questions, concerns or who is in need of support to know that we are here. Every year 220,000 women are told they have a cervical abnormality that may require treatment, and of the nine women diagnosed with cervical cancer each day one in three are told about the charity. We want this to change and through our Roadshow we hope to reach those who are feeling confused, isolated or who need to talk to let them know about the support services we offer.

If you see the Roadshow in your city please do come and say hi, we would love to see you or snap a photo and share it using #BeCervixSavvy. We want to reach as many women as possible through the Roadshow and if you can help us raise awareness of it in anyway please do get in touch!

(Pictured: our Roadshow team training session)

As a charity we have set ourselves the bold mission of working towards a future where cervical cancer is a disease of the past, and through our Roadshow we hope we’re going to get that one step closer.

Find out how you can get involved.