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Our policy work

We're the UK's leading cervical cancer charity. We're working hard to get to a future where cervical cancer is a thing of the past but until then we want everyone to get the support they need.

Response to Women's Health Strategy Consultation

The Department of Health and Social Care recently held a consultation period, seeking the views of individuals and organisations to help inform the development of the government’s Women’s Health Strategy. We were really pleased to submit a 10-page response, sharing our expertise and the experiences of our community.  

This was a unique opportunity to tell the government the most pressing challenges facing cervical health right now, and to help shape future health policy to improve the gaps and barriers that we encounter. We are hugely grateful to the amazing community of women who engage with us, and share their experiences and stories, and for this opportunity to amplify their voices.

Setting the scene: Facts about cervical cancer

  • Diagnoses of cervical cancer are increasing 
  • Last year over 3,200 women were given a life changing diagnosis, 890 women sadly lost their lives to the disease
  • A further 220,000 women are told every year they have cervical cell changes that may require treatment
  • Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women under 35
  • It can be prevented

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We work with a wide variety of people affected by cervical cancer and health care professionals, including oncologists, gynaecologists, specialist nurses, GPs, practice nurses and colposcopists. We provide information, promote best practice guidance and campaign for clinical excellence for all patients.

Our latest reports focus on ways to prevent more cervical cancers and ensure the best care, support and treatment for people with cervical cancer

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We play an active role in the following policy related groups:

Computer says "no"

Our report highlights the growing issue of access to cervical screening across the UK, the problems and how they can be overcome.

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Our research

Our latest research covers awareness of cervical screening, understanding of HPV and the patient experience of having cell changes or cervical cancer

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