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Our Research

Through our research we aim to explore gaps in knowledge about cervical cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We also aim work with women affected by cervical cancer and cell changes to understand the issues faced during diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.




Research: We can end cervical cancer: The opportunities and challenges to eliminating cervical cancer in the UK


Research: Cervical cancer prevention doesn’t end at screening: Patient experiences of cervical cell changes


Research: HPV stories


Research: “I want my life back”. The long-term side-effects of radiotherapy: Gaps in recognition and resourcing leaving patients suffering without treatment (December)

Research: Impact of COVID-19 on cervical screening in England final report (October)

Research: Symptom awareness in the pandemic

Research: Impact of COVID-19 on cervical screening in England initial findings (August)

Research: Initial research into the impact of COVID-19 on cervical screening across the UK (June)


Research:  “We’re made to feel invisible” Barriers to accessing cervical screening for women with physical disabilities

Research: Not so simple. The impact of cervical cell changes and treatment

Research: Barriers to cervical screening among older women from hard-to-reach groups: a qualitative study in England 


Research: Three quarters of sexual violence survivors feel unable to go for potentially life-saving test

Report: Barriers to cervical screening amongst Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women aged 25-64 in North Manchester

Research: Awareness and understanding of HPV among women

Research: Awareness of cervical screening among women in Scotland

Report: Computer says “no” - the growing issue of access to cervical screening across the UK, the problems and how they can be overcome.

Report: Cervical screening in the spotlight 2018 - a second audit of the activities by local authorities and CCGs to increase screening attendance.


Informing our new plan to 2022, we modelled cervical cancer to 2040 based on changes to the screening and vaccination programmes, as well as variations in uptake.
This report aims to better understand the profound impact of living beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis by identifying the challenges faced by women, in addition to gaps in provision of care and support delivered.
This report summarises responses Freedom of Information requests issued to local authorities and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) about their activities to increase cervical screening coverage in England. The full report features case studies of CCGs and local authorities utilising the resources available to them and working in innovative ways to increase attendance. Read the full report


'Cervical cancer stories' brings together the experiences of 35 women who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer in the last two years to show first-hand some of the issues women face when they are newly diagnosed. Read the full report 




This report looks in detail at the financial impact of cervical cancer, not just on individuals but also on the NHS and state more widely across all four UK countries. It explores the impact increased or falling screening coverage. Read the full report








Our policy work

We are campaigning to reduce the impact of cervical cancer across the UK.

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What we do

We provide trustworthy information, campaign for change and provide support at every step.

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17 Dec 2020