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Our history

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust was the concept of London businessman, James Maxwell (1957 – 2003) in memory of his wife, Jo (1959 – 1999) who died from cervical cancer at the age of 40.

Following her diagnosis in 1995, Jo (and James) had difficulty finding good information about every aspect of cervical cancer. It was their hope that one day everyone would have easy access to the best and most up to date information and medical advice. Most importantly for Jo, it was her wish that women affected by cervical cancer would have the opportunity to communicate with others facing similar challenges.

With the appointment of a full time director, the trust became operational in February 2000. 

Over the past twenty years, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and its supporters have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of cervical cancer, its causes and how to prevent it. From its impact on the launch of the HPV vaccination programme to its education on screening, treatment and survivorship issues, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has continued to increase its reach and during that time, we have helped support thousands of people.

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"When my mother, Jo, became ill with Cervical Cancer, I was only 7 years old."

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