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Waited 7 weeks in biopsy results and received letter today feeling so scared

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Waited 7 weeks in biopsy results and received letter today feeling so scared

I have waited 7weeks on the my biopsy results and received the hospital letter today to say I am grade 2 and need to go in for treatment. The treatment is on the 20th off this month and I feel so scared and don't really no how to feel about the procedure. My mum wants to come with me and I feel like is this something I should do on my own as I am 29 years old


It is scary isn't it. 
I found it much less scary when I got there though because the anxiety and not knowing what is going to happen is the worst part. I found that it didn't hurt and felt massive amounts of relief afterward.

Lots of people take someone with them. I went on my own because I find my anxiety easier to cope with when I don't have someone there being sympathetic - that makes me worse! That's just me though!

Don't do what your mum wants, don't do what you think you ought to, decide what you need to do and do that.

Best of luck.



I am currently waiting to hear when my hospital appointment is. It does not matter if you are 29 or 59 you should never feel that you cant ask for support, especially for some thing like this. I am 100% bringing someone with me. I can think of nothing worse then going through that alone


Hi, I have had lletz in January, but under general anesthetic, and due to go for another in January again. I know it's scary, and anxiety is high, but genuinely the lead up to it is worse tha the actual procedure. It felt like a horrific period after, make sure you have plenty pain relief and comfy trousers or pjs bottoms. You just have to remember it's a preventative procedure so always worth it in the end. 

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