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Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month 2020

September marks Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM). As the UK's leading cervical cancer charity, we’ll be getting involved to help educate people about cervical cancer; how it can be prevented, the signs and symptoms and support available to women diagnosed.

To find out more about cervical cancer prevention, you can read information on our website about:

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Take on our 9-day challenge

9 day challenge for Jo'sMake your steps matter! Set yourself a challenge to complete over 9 days and raise money to help us be there for everyone affected by cervical cancer. 

Why 9 days? 9 people are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day. You can help us make this number a statistic of the past.

 Your challenge could be anything – here are just a few ideas:

  • Walk 9000 steps a day for 9 days
  • Run a marathon over 9 days
  • Cycle 9 miles a day for 9 days
  • Do 9 press-ups a day for 9 days

Let's Meet!

This Gynaecological Awareness Month our support event is going online! Join us from 21 - 25 September 2020 for a chance to listen to some amazing speakers and connect with others. We have 5 workshops on offer covering everything from looking after your mental health after a diagnosis to Gong Bath Relaxation!

More information 

There are five gynaecological cancers; cervical, ovarian, vaginal, vulval and womb. To find out more about the gynaecological cancers you can visit the following websites or see NHS Choices:

Download materials

Get posters, balloons and other materials to raise awareness at home, school, work or in the local community.

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01 Sep 2020