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Our campaign to make cervical cancer a thing of the past

We are the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity and we want to reduce the impact of cervical cancer across the UK. Our vision is the day cervical cancer is no more but we also want to see more cancers diagnosed early, and for everyone to get the support they need for as long as they need, whatever their experience.

Zoe Edwards was diagnosed with cervical cancer this year:

“To be told you have cervical cancer at 28 with the possibility of a hysterectomy is terrifying, and going through this experience during a pandemic was really hard. Thankfully my cancer was caught early giving me the chance to continue being a Mum and I hope that I can have another baby one day. I know many don’t have this choice. I want to see a future where we can wipe out cervical cancer so that no one has to go through what I did. Governments need to do all they can to make this a reality. What the HPV vaccine can do is incredible and when my son is old enough I’ll make sure he has it, I urge parents to find out what they need to know about it so the next generation is protected as much as possible” 

How do we reduce the impact of cervical cancer?

We have the tools: the HPV vaccination and cervical screening. Now we need governments and organisations to invest in research to ensure we have the best possible technology and innovations, and develop strategies to reduce inequalities in access and uptake.

We can’t forget the importance of symptoms. Not every case of cervical cancer can be prevented, and by being aware of the symptoms we can ensure those diagnoses happen at the earliest possible stage.

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Who’s with us?

We’re really excited that our vision is one that is shared by the World Health Organization. They recently launched a global strategy calling for action towards the elimination of cervical cancer with goals and targets to be reached by 2030. 

What are we doing at Jo’s?

We’ve been working to reduce the impact of cervical cancer across the UK since we started over 20 years ago. We’re taking that further and starting on the development of a new five year strategy to help shape our work over the next few years to provide us with the structure and goals to do so. We really hope you will join us on this path.

How can you get involved?

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Date last updated: 
16 Nov 2021
Date due for review: 
16 Nov 2021