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Emergency Appeal: We urgently need your help to keep our support services open

The current Coronavirus pandemic means people are facing changes to their cancer treatment, are waiting longer than ever for results and are having screening appointments postponed. Every day at Jo’s we are hearing from more and more women who are anxious, confused and scared.

Our precious NHS is stretched and the support we offer is needed now more than ever. We are here through the delays, the cancellations, the changes and the uncertainty. We are working as hard as possible to be there for everyone who needs us, with vital support and answers to help people understand the changes they are facing.

However we are facing a funding crisis. This is a key time of year for fundraising but due to the pandemic all our events have been cancelled. We have seen an immediate and significant loss of income.

As much as 60% of our income could be lost this year. 

Jo's Cervical Cancr Trust Appeal

We urgently need your help.

Through our support services we provide a lifeline to thousands of people in their time of need. If these services stop, people will be left with nowhere to turn. But our work goes much further than this. We provide trusted information, our health outreach delivers potentially life saving messages in the community and our campaigns have led to national policy changes. We work closely with the NHS and government to raise the voice of those living with and beyond cervical cancer and our expertise means we are often called upon to shape programmes across the UK. Programmes such as cervical screening which save thousands of lives every year. 

Robert Music, Chief Executive:

Rob Music“We are living in an exceptionally challenging time. Like many charities Jo’s has seen a very severe and immediate drop in income. The decisions we are having to take to ensure that we survive this pandemic are very, very tough and ones I never imagined I would ever have to make. Not only are we having to immediately cut projects and drastically cut back across all areas of our work, we are having to furlough staff. In this financial crisis we have no other option. We are working as hard as we can to adapt and be resourceful, to ensure our vital services remain open but without your support we will struggle to survive. We rely on donations for our income and with fundraising events such as marathons being cancelled, we need them now more than ever. Whatever you feel able to donate, it will help us to get through this challenging time. Thank you so much”

Just £16 could fund an urgent helpline call, providing a vital lifeline to a caller in crisis while donating £10 a month will help someone get the answers they need through our ‘Ask the Expert’ service.

If you could consider setting up a monthly donation, you will help us to be here now and in the future.

"Jo's gave me me back. I just needed someone who would listen. Jo's brought me out of the dark and brought me back to me again. If it wasn’t for Jo’s I'd not be here."