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Treating cervical cell changes

Cervical cell changes (abnormal cells) may need treatment. This is offered as a way to prevent them from possibly developing to a higher grade or into cervical cancer. Common treatments include LLETZ and cone biopsy. 

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Your feelings about treatment 

Being recommended, or deciding to have, treatment can make you feel a mix of emotions. We hear from people who feel worried, scared and even relieved about it, so we’ve put together some tips that may be useful:

  • Talk to your colposcopy team. It might sound obvious, but if your team know you have worries or questions, they can help to reassure you. If you don’t feel comfortable saying something, you could try writing it down as a note or email.
  • Prepare yourself. This will mean something different to everyone – it could be reading as much information about treatment as possible, talking through your feelings with loved ones, or reading experiences from people who have been through something similar.
  • Plan something nice for the day. If you can, try to have a treat waiting for you after treatment. It could be your favourite takeaway meal, a new book or spending quality time with your loved ones.
  • Make time for yourself to rest and heal. Everyone will have a different experience of treatment, but it’s important to give yourself time and space to feel physically and emotionally better afterwards. If you’re able to, try to plan in that time beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about it after. 

Types of treatment for cell changes

How we can help

We understand that waiting for or having treatment can be stressful, but you don’t have to cope with any emotions alone. Talking to your colposcopy team is a good place to start and we are also here to support you.

You can give our free Helpline a call on 0808 802 8000. Our trained volunteers can talk through the different treatment options or simply listen to how you’re feeling.

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Sometimes connecting with others who have gone through a similar experience can be helpful. Our online Forum lets our community give and get support. You can read through the messages or post your own – whichever feels most comfortable.

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Understand what happens at colposcopy and the different results you can get.

"It was decided it would be better and more comfortable for me to receive the LLETZ treatment under general anaesthetic"
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14 Jan 2022
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