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Your stories of cervical cancer, cell changes and cervical screening

The stories you'll find in this section cover all aspects of cervical screening, cell changes (abnormal cells) and cervical cancer.

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"I thought the NHS would be overwhelmed due to the coronavirus"
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"My world came crashing down when they told me they had found early cervical cancer"
"I really didn’t understand what I was being told or what I was being asked to do"
"I am so happy I acted on things when I did"
"I write down memories of my sister so I will never forget them and I can share them with my nephew when he’s older"
"We’d been talking about trying for a baby and so I didn’t want a hysterectomy which was offered"
"There is a tomorrow, that might still be a bit cloudy and rainy, but the day after might be better, and eventually the sun comes out and you can enjoy the warmth of it"