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In this section, we provide information for healthcare professionals who are supporting patients through HPV, cervical screening, colposcopy, and cervical cancer. We also have lesson plans for teachers who want to raise awareness of HPV and the HPV vaccine.

Are you a practice nurse or GP? Our information covers best practice during cervical screening, recognising symptoms, and understanding barriers to screening.

Are you a colposcopist or colposcopy nurse? Our information talks through how people may feel about colposcopy and ways you can offer support.

Are you a secondary care professional working with people affected by cervical cancer? We can help you offer the right information and support.

Find out how our lesson plans can help teach your pupils about the HPV vaccine.

Understand why cervical screening attendance is falling, how your area is performing and ways to raise awareness.

The Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Cervical Screening Awards identify and reward the UK's best local cervical screening campaigns.

Looking for a way to give back? We rely on professionals to make sure our information and support is the best it can be.

Sign up for the latest updates about HPV, cervical screening and cervical cancer.