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The lowdown on cervical screening podcast

Posted on: Wednesday, 11th May 2022 by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust team

Over the last few years, cervical screening attendance has been falling in Scotland and almost one in three women and people with a cervix don’t attend. It's not always an easy test so we’ve teamed up with Capital FM Scotland on a new podcast series sharing tips and experiences. Joined by the amazing Katy J (Capital Scotland’s DJ) we spoke with a Consultant in Gynaecology, a Practice Nurse and four women about cervical screening, colposcopy and screening results.

Check out the podcast or watch the videos below – New podcast released bi-weekly so stay tuned!

Episode 1: Lorna, a cervical screening nurse

Lorna is a practice nurse in Glasgow. She shares the importance of a cervical screening and what to expect when you go!

If you're also a practice nurse or medical professional, check out our resources on making cervical screening a more comfortable experience for the patient >

Listen to the podcast here >

or watch the video here >


Episode 2: Caroline, talking about menopause

Caroline is post-menopausal and finds attending her cervical screening daunting due to the vaginal dryness menopause can cause.

She speaks to Katy J about her top tips for other women attending their cervical screening.

Do you have concerns or questions about the menopause? Whether you’ve had cervical cancer treatment and are currently going through the menopause or are post-menopausal, we have information to help you prepare for your cervical screening.>

Listen to the podcast here >

 or watch the video here >


Episode 3: Lauren sharing her results

Lauren speaks to Katy J and shares her feelings of receiving cell changes results after her cervical screening.

Have you received your cervical screening results? We have information to help explain your results. Find out more >

Listen to the podcast here >

 or watch the video here >

Episode 4: Lucy sharing her abnormal results and Lletz procedure

Lucy speaks with Katy J about attending her cervical screening and receiving her results. After her results came back as abnormal, she went for Lletz procedure.

Are you attending a Lletz procedure? We know that having surgery can be overwhelming, so we hope this page helps you feel prepared >

Listen to the podcast here >

 or watch the video here >


Episode 5: Jaqui shares her experiences attending her cervical screening with a learning disability

Jaqui went for her cervical screening during COVID and was a little anxious. She speaks to Katy J about how she learnt about what to expect beforehand very reassuring.

Are you unsure what to expect from your cervical screening? Find out detailed and easy to understand information on our website >

Listen to the podcast here >

 or watch the video here >


Episode 6: Dr Flanagan talks about colposcopy

Katy J speaks to Dr Flanagan in Scotland about what women or people with a cervix can expect when attending their colposcopy.

Have you booked a colposcopy appointment? Check out our guide and top tips for attending > 

Watch the video here >



Find out more about attending a cervical screening by visiting our page dedicated to answering your questions >

Our support services are here for you if you have further questions about any aspect of cervical screening. You can call our Helpline on 0808 802 8000 or email us > 

Thank you to the Scottish Government, Capital FM, Communicorp UK, Katy J and our volunteers for their help with our project.