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Jo's Advent Calendar

Ho Ho Jo’s! We’re celebrating the festive season by making a virtual advent calendar. We’re making a list (and checking it twice) of little actions you can do to help Jo’s and others around you, one for each day of December until Christmas Day. 

Each one takes about 5 minutes to do, and almost all of them are completely free. How many can you tick off? 

Check back every day for the next action.

Name something you're thankful for

Tell a friend about our Forum

Almost everyone who gets invited to cervical screening will have a question at some point about it. Our online Forum is a great place to ask these questions, share your experience and hear from others who get it.  

What do you get the person who has everything?

Give them the gift of supporting someone through a cervical cancer diagnosis. Just £16 funds a Helpline call and you could donate in someone else’s name for a memorable Christmas present!

Read how far we've come in 20 years

It’s the 20th year of Jo’s, so read what we’ve been up to over the last two decades! 

Sign up to Time to Test

Our Time to Test pledge commits to allowing employees to access smear tests through the working day, if they need to. Find out more >

Give it up for Jo's

Yes, we’re still in December but why not start to think about what you could give up for the month of January to raise funds for Jo’s? Bound to make that new year health kick a little more enjoyable! 

Find out the cervical screening coverage in your area

How does your area compare to the national average? You can find out quickly on the NHS  website for your country. England > Scotland > Wales > NI >

Bake it or fake it

Make some yummy festive treats for your workplace/book club/running group/kids school (or just buy them – we won’t tell), sell them and donate the money to Jo’s! Get started here >

The screening programme is changing

Do you know about how the cervical screening programme is changing? While the test remains the same (for now), your sample will be checked for HPV in the future, and in some places this has already kicked off. Read all about it > 

Memorise a smear test tip

Do you know how to make a smear test more comfortable? There are lots of things that can help! Read the tips and pass them on >

Read a cervical cancer story

Why do we do what we do? Read stories from our media volunteers to understand more about the cancer we are working to eliminate.

Treat a loved one

Still buying your Christmas presents? Daisy Jewellery are donating £10 to Jo's for every Aphrodite necklace sold >


Take Steps for Jo's

 Could you run, jog or walk 5k or 10k? Wherever, whenever and however you do it - dedicate your next workout to Jo’s and help us raise vital funds > 

Read our annual review

We’ve achieved a lot together over the past year, and we have big ambitions for next year too! Read all about it >

Celebrate our Facebook fundraisers

Our incredible Facebook fundraisers raised over £59,000 last year – how amazing is that?! Could you set one up for Jo’s on your next birthday? Here’s how >

Order information to support a friend

Do you know someone who is nervous about their smear test? We have leaflets explaining exactly what the test is for which might help them feel better.

Order a poster to raise awareness

You could put them up in the loos at work, or somewhere else in your community, to let people know that our Helpline is there for people who have questions about anything cervical! Order or download materials here >

Get involved with Jo's

Did you know we have loads of different ways you can volunteer for Jo’s? Check them out and see if there’s something that would suit you >

Get ready for #SmearForSmear

Ditch the lipstick. This year, we’re smearing something different: myths and stigma about HPV. Find out all about how you can get involved this year >

Sign up to our newsletter

We’d love to stay in touch, so sign up to hear all about what’s going on at Jo’s. We email you once a month and additionally about our big campaigns (about twice a year). 

Let's get social

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook.

Giving Tuesday - could you help us reach more people?

By donating just the price of a round in the pub (£16) you could fund a call to our Helpline, giving someone support when they need it most.

Learn the symptoms of cervical cancer

Do you know what they are? Take 5 minutes to memorise them – it could save your life > 

Day 1 - Check you're up to date with your smear test

When was your last smear test? If you don’t know, how about ringing your GP to ask.

Jo's advent calendar