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Your stories of cervical cancer, cell changes and cervical screening

The stories you'll find in this section cover all aspects of cervical screening, cell changes (abnormal cells) and cervical cancer.

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"I thought the NHS would be overwhelmed due to the coronavirus"
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"My advice to anyone starting on their cancer journey is give yourself time"
"It’s not all doom and gloom though. Even though it can be tough, I’m trying to live by the mind set that everything happens for a reason."
"In the lead up, I tuned into the meditations passed on by my friend and told myself the positive affirmations"
"I’m learning how to move more consciously and adapt to what my body can do"
"I can’t overestimate how important support is. Your friends and family are there and can listen but don’t quite understand. You need someone to say “I do understand”."
"Sometimes I stop and think that I have been through so much, but I had no time to reflect or think about it at the time"