Put Yourself In The Picture To Help Prevent Cervical Cancer

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Did you know that cervical screenings save 5,000 lives a year yet one in five women who are eligible for screening do not take up their invitation and for young women aged 25-29 this rises to one in three.

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You can also make your pledge to attend a cervical screening and reduce your risk of developing cervical cancer.

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When will I be invited for cervical screening?

You will be invited for cervical screening every 3 to 5 years dependent on your age. In England, Northern Ireland and Wales screening starts at 25 and ends at 64, in Scotland it is 20 to 60. To be invited you need to be registered with a GP, who needs to have your current address on file.You can book your appointment at your GP or a sexual health clinic.

Tips for attending a cervical screening:

  • First time or nervous? Tell the sample taker
  • Worried about discomfort? Ask the sample taker to use a smaller speculum
  • Feeling embarrassed? Wear a skirt as you can keep this on during the test
  • Try to relax and distract your mind
  • Don’t want to go alone? Take a friend to wait in the waiting room with you.
  • Not sure what to expect? Call our helpline (0808 802 8000).
Date last updated: 
18 Jan 2014