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We can end cervical cancer

Together, we can end cervical cancer.

Our vision is making cervical cancer a disease of the past. Every day nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and two women will lose their lives. The faster we act, the faster we change this.

So, what is our role in making elimination a reality?

The next 20 years

We commissioned research projecting incidence and mortality in England until 2040 factoring in changes to the vaccination and screening programmes and variations in uptake. As the leading cervical cancer charity we wanted to better understand where the impact of cervical cancer will be felt most over the coming years.

We modelled incidence and mortality based on changes to the vaccination and screening programmes and variations in uptake. 

Find out more: Projected incidence and mortality of cervical cancer to 2040.

What are we doing at Jo's?

Information and support

  • The UK has the tools to end cervical cancer, with highly effective HPV vaccination and cervical screening programmes. 
    At Jo's, we want to make sure that everyone has the information and support they need to be able to access cervical cancer prevention, and to recognise symptoms of cervical cancer.

    You can find more information here >


  • We work in communities across the UK, to help raise awareness of cervical cancer, its symptoms, and the prevention programmes.
    Find out more about some of our engagement work in Scotland >

Our policy work

  • We're working across the UK to make access to cervical screening and HPV vaccinations more equitable.
    Find out more about the groups we work with here >

  • In January 2023 we launched our We Can end cervical cancer campaign, to coincide with Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.

    We published our latest report highlighting the challenges and opportunities that the UK faces in eliminating cervical cancer, and we met with politicians in Westminster and Holyrood to share our vision and to call for government strategies and commitments.

    Read the full report here >

Who's with us?

Cervical cancer elimination is supported by the World Health Organisation, and they launched a strategy in 2020 which sets out how countries around the world can make cervical cancer a thing of the past.

As part of the UK's HPV Coalition, we've also launched a roadmap to eliminating all HPV related cancers in the UK. Find out more here > 


How you can get invovled

Our history

Learn about our history including why Jo's was founded in 1999.

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21 Feb 2023