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Who we are

We were established in 1999 by James Maxwell, after his wife Jo passed away from cervical cancer. It was Jo's wish that every woman affected by cervical cancer could get the support and information they needed. Read our history to learn more about how the charity was founded and our rebrand in 2010.

Our Team

We now have over 20 full-time members of staff, and hundreds of volunteers. Our senior management team work closely with our Chief Executive to ensure we are on track to achieve our mission, a future where cervical cancer is a disease of the past. 

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Staff

Our Trustees

Our board of trustees, all of whom are volunteers, are responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the charity. Find out more about our Trustees and their vital work.

Our Founding Friends

The Founding Friends are a group of close friends of Jo and James Maxwell, who have supported the charity since its beginnings, tirelessly raising funds every year for its development. 

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors have all experienced the effects of cervical cancer or abnormalities, whether that's because of a personal experience or from close friends and family. We're so incredibly grateful of their support in helping to raise awareness of our work. 


If you would like to get involved we have a range of volunteering and campaigning opportunities. Find out how you can help.


Date last updated: 
02 Jan 2018