Who we are

We were established as Jo's Trust in June 1999 by James Maxwell and  who was chairman until his death in 2003. Find out more about our history.

In 2010 the charity became incorporated and rebranded as Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

Our board of trustees, all of whom are volunteers, is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the charity.
Chief Executive - Robert Music
Executive Assistant  - Julie Bradley
Head of Support Services /Deputy Chief Executive - Rebecca Shoosmith
Support Services Officer - Fran Berry
Head of Information and Education - Claire Cohen
Information Officer - Kirsty Brown
Information and Education Administrator - Katrina Lucero
Helpline Coordinator - Gill Burgess
Support Services Coordinator - Debbie Kilmister
Fundraising Manager - Niamh Kilalea
Head of Communications - Kate Sanger
Digital and Social Media Coordinator - Katie Herbert
Communications Officer - Elisabeth Schuetz

The Founding Friends are a group of close friends of Jo and James Maxwell, who have supported the trust since its beginnings by promoting the charity and its work and tirelessly raising funds every year for its development. 


Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors have all experienced the effects of cervical cancer or abnormalities, whether that's because of a personal experience or from close friends and family. We're so incredibly grateful of their support in helping to raise awareness of our work. 



Date last updated: 
14 Jan 2016