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Frequently asked questions for Online shop

How safe is it to order on the shop?

If you are making an order with a donation the order will go through Stripe to offer a secure payment process.

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How much do you charge for postage?

We do not charge for postage on shop orders, however do give the option to add a £2 donation to your cart to help cover the cost of postage and packaging. 

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Can I add an additional donation to my order?

Of course. Besides adding a £2 donation to help cover the cost of postage you can add a further donation. If there is a suggested donation already in your cart (this will be due to the items you have chosen to order, to help cover the cost of production) you can increase the value by entering a higher value and clicking “Update Cart”. 

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Can I return items I have ordered?

If you have a problem with your order and would like to return or exchange an item, please get in touch with our team by emailing [email protected] or call us on 020 3096 8100.

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How long does an order take to arrive?

Your order should arrive within 10 working days. Please note during busy periods such as the build up to our awareness weeks in January and June orders may take longer to arrive. If you do not receive your order, please contact [email protected] or call 020 3096 8100. Find out more about delivery in our shop terms and conditions.

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What is a digital product?

A digital product is a material that is only available to download. You can download the file by clicking on the link in the product description.

If you add the product to your cart and checkout, you will receive a "File download" email. This email will include a link to your file which will expire after you click on it. You also can access files of digital products you have previously ordered by logging into your account at jostrust.org.uk/user and clicking on the "Files" tab.

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What is a suggested donation?

We ask for a suggested donation on certain items to help cover the cost of production. The total suggested donation for the items you would like to order will show in your cart as a “suggested donation”. If you update the quantity of items in your cart please consider increasing the suggested donation to reflect the increased cost to Jo’s to produce these items.

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Why do you ask for a suggested donation?

We ask for a suggested donation on items with a higher production cost. Giving this donation means we can focus our efforts on supporting more women affected by cervical abnormalities and cervical cancer.

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