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Cervical Screening Awareness Week

20-26 June: it’s time to talk about how to make the test better. 

Join us this week to raise awareness of cervical screening (smear tests). We're going to be sharing tips, experiences and working with experts to help those who find cervical screening difficult. We're focusing on a different topic each day so keep an eye out for expert blogs, brilliant charity guidance and personal stories from the Jo’s community and beyond.

We want you to share your tips.

Join in using #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek or #CervicalScreeningTips

Here’s what we’ve got planned: 

Monday 20th June - Work commitments 

Did you know that 1 in 5 women and people with a cervix who work say they haven’t been able to book a convenient appointment for their cervical screening? We’ll be sharing one of our solutions! Find out about Time To Test >  

Tuesday 21st June - Pain 

Menopause. Endometriosis. Vaginismus. What do they have in common? They can increase the discomfort of a cervical screening, and we'll be sharing tips and ideas from some fabulous partners. At 5.30 on Tuesday 21st June, we'll be joined by Dr Nighat Arif and our Support Officer, Hannah Dwyer, for an Instagram Live Q&A all about cervical screenings. No question is too big or too small – come join us. 

Wednesday 22nd June - How do you feel?  

Whether you feel embarrassed, anxious, uncertain or cofused, it's completely normal. Today is all about stories and resources to help you feel more in control and in the know.  

Thursday 23rd June - Screening after sexual violence 

If you’ve experienced sexual violence, you may find cervical screenings particularly traumatic or distressing. We've worked with some amazing organisations and members of our community who will be sharing what works for them. We completely understand if you’re not ready to attend a cervical screening just yet – when you are, we have information and support resources available for you > 

Friday 24th June - Physical and learning disabilities 

Through our work we know that there can be additional barriers, and sadly sometimes stigmas, facing those with a learning and / or physical disability when it comes to booking and attending screening. We'll be highlighting where the gaps are and sharing resources created with our friends at Enable.  

Saturday 25th June – What’s next? 

So, what happens after you've been for your cervical screening? You should get your cervical screening results by post within four weeks of having your test. Most results are clear but we've put together an easy guide about what your results might mean and will be sharing more nuggets of info through the day!

Get involved! 

We want every woman and person with a cervix to know where they can get information and support about cervical screening, and need your help to make sure this is shared far and wide! It’s really easy to get involved on social media. We've put together a kit for you with some graphics – please download and use these, and remember to tag us: 

#CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek or #CervicalScreeningTips @JosTrust 


Join Steps for Jo’s this June! Walk, jog or run 220,000 steps for the 220,000 women and people with a cervix diagnosed with cervical cell changes every year. 

Share your personal experience of cervical screening, cell changes or cervical cancer to help raise awareness.