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New Forum FAQs

Update 03/06/21: The new Forum will be launching next week. This means the Forum will be temporarily unavailable on Monday 7th June until the work is complete. We are expecting it to be ready by the morning of Tuesday 8th. Our other services will be open if you need support during this time.

We're going to be launching a new Forum with improvements based on your feedback. Our Forum is one of our most popular support services and we are always working to ensure it meets your needs. To keep it safe and secure we need to move our Forum to a new platform. We have also listened to your feedback and are making improvements as a result in order for the service to provide the best support possible.

If you have any other questions we haven’t answered here, please contact our team at [email protected].

We need to move our Forum to a new platform so it remains secure. We also haven’t updated for Forum for a number of years and wanted to ensure we were making improvements based on feedback from Forum members so the service provides the best support possible.

The changes are based on feedback from people who use the Forum. We conducted a survey in March 2020 and had phone calls with a group of members about their experience using the Forum to better understand what you like about the Forum and where improvements could be made. The survey was posted on the Forum to give all members the opportunity to give feedback.

We have also consulted Forum members on what the new Forum looks like and will be involving some members with testing it before it goes live.

There will be some new things you can do on the Forum, as well as improvements based on your feedback. These include:

  • Notifications, that you can turn on or off, so you know when someone has replied to your post
  • Clearer categories so you know which to post in
  • The option to prevent users sending you private messages
  • Ability to bookmark posts you want to go back to
  • Easier to see latest posts in a topic 
  • Easier to see your posts and topics you’ve replied to
  • Option to flag a post as ‘inappropriate’, ‘spam’ or ‘something else’
  • Refreshed design 
  • Much easier to use mobile version of the Forum

The new Forum should be live by the end of May. We will inform Forum members when the new Forum is live and provide more information, including how to log in and where you can find support using the Forum.

We will also add a notice to the current Forum to keep you informed of any updates.

The Forum will be on a new platform, so it will look a bit different. Any changes made have been to make improvements for our members, but we understand it can take time to get used to using a new Forum. Our team will be on hand to answer any questions and help ensure you are comfortable using the Forum. 

You will be able to log in with the same username. When you first login you will need to set a new password. When the new Forum is live we will send you an email with a link to set your new password.

Yes, all posts and private messages which are currently on the Forum will be moved to the new Forum.

We will be moving user accounts to the new Forum that have previously posted or sent a private message, or joined the Forum recently. This means all posts and messages will be moved to the new Forum, so you won’t lose any conversations.

If you have never posted or sent a private message, and joined the Forum more than 2 years ago, we will let you know how to set-up a new account if you would like to still be a member of the Forum.

If you are a user of this forum your access will not be affected. The Advanced Forum category will still be private and only accessible to people who have signed up to join. All posts within the category will be moved the new Forum. 

The Forum will not be available to use when we move posts and messages to the new Forum. We don’t expect it to be down for longer than a few days, but will inform users throughout the process, via email and by adding a notice on the current Forum with updates.

Our other services will be open for you to access support during this time. Find out about our services >

The project was initially delayed due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, but is now able to go ahead thanks to some restricted funding we received to help improve the digital support we offer.

We are now seeing more people access support online and our Forum is a vital part of how we support our community. This project aims to improve the Forum based on feedback from Forum members so that it is easier to use, remains secure and helps more people affected by cell changes and cervical cancer find support.